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Death is my Friend - Coffin of Light

Spoken Word Poetry by Louis Heath

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Here are a few of my lines which I invite you to peruse at your leisure, take them as you will and gratitude for your time.


Meditating with Trees
By Louis Heath (2016)

Bathing in serenity
      Body melting into soil and leaves
          Bathing in the life of trees
                The roots of my being, opening
                     To the wild and gentle nature of……..



Drizzle  (It can help if you imagine yourself in the company of people in an environment surrounded with a misty Irish drizzle.)
By Louis Heath (2015)

The drizzle of our perfect nature

Wetting the air

Wetting the air between us

Saturated between us

The wetness of affection, of love

Cast aside the unga-ber-ellas

Undo your tunic

Bare your flesh

And feel the wetness of drizzle love

Softly drenching the each of us

Drizzle  -- dripping --  soft flesh


Let me caress you gently.  By Louis Heath (2015)

 If only I could take you in my arms
and caress you gently
and caress you gently
you, you, whoever you are

The ideas of being strong and impenetrable,
those taboos, the shames
ideas of unworthiness
ideas keeping you and me apart

May you melt and surrender in my soothing embrace
And let me and you soothe each other’s gentle weepings
Not the big weepings
but the other more erroneous, more subtle weepings
often accepted as the norm
that keep us from opening
that keep us from being loved and caressed by each other

If only I could take your softness in my arms
I would sooth and caress you gently
Whoever you are
My own restricting armour challenged too
by the startle of such a reality
the pull back reaction to being gently loved
 - melting, melting

Can we allow ourselves be gently caressed
Can we open to the joys and the sorrows
of such an occasion
Of two solitary beings letting down ideas of disconnection
and offering what we all so desperately need
Some simple uncomplicated mutual offerings of affection.

I want to take you in my arms
I want to soothe and comfort you,
to soothe and comfort me
Both of us entwined in the same gentle grace


The Still Light Opens the Day
by Louis Heath 2016

Across the landscape of silence
A bird flutters wingbeats to eye and ear
The early morning rises
Awake, the still light opens the day



The Gaia of Poo (This is meant to be performed as spoken word so reading it off the page may limit it’s potency).
by Louis Heath (2016)
Squeezing out
Being born
All in one go

 As I squeezed out of the anus of a human
And plopped
Into the bowl with a splash
And a splunge

Brown and soggy
I could feel myself
Still carrying the energetic imprint of the human being
Still conscious of myself as a piece of human waste.

The big flush
Wahh!! Sliding and slipping down the pipe
Around the bend
Consciousness slipping now
Feelings moving into surrounding water, waste, pipes, earth

Residual consciousness from the human still here
Still aware of my brown slimy state
Joining my friends in a fest of slippery fun
The journey to my disintegration

Disintegrating and yet integrating
with molecules of earth and stone
Expecting to slip away gradually
To lose consciousness to the Dark

Relinquishing the hold of a separate existence
Emerging into peaceful expansion…..
Why have I not disappeared
Into the darkness of unconscious matter?

Slowly, slowly a new consciousness emerging
I am the rocks, the material earth, the worms, the fish
I am the donkey, the hen, the human, the fly
I am the Earth conscious of itself
Through its conscious forms
How beautiful the living Earth
Alive through its conscious elements
Its trees, its potatoes, its animals, its billions of insects
Alive and thriving in conscious unfolding

Ever changing this Universe, this Earth
Oh!! And now –  I am a Brussel sprout and  there is a sensing of an impending human
Ohhh!! – being consumed, being consumed, consumed into a separate reality
Ohh!! – the pain of squeezing into this conscious isolation

Confused and painful in this frontier of consciousness making
Earthly recycling of itself from
Shite, to earth, to food, to human animal
The earth, the Universe awakening itself to itself

The vast human story spreading itself across time
Gradually coming home to itself
Gradually freeing itself from its own self-importance
Gradually integrating into the vastness
Of the painful love play of Earthly and Universal life…..

Squeezing out
Being born
All in one go

As I squeezed once more out of the anus of a human
Honouring the love play and feeling compassionate
for the inevitable growing pains
of the Earth, the Universe unbound.



Filled with Silence (Louis Heath 2016)

The movement of stillness
    Rinses the tide of dirty laundry moments
        Come awake along the road
            And fill your cup with silence





Ocean of Suffering -- Ocean of Mirth
By Louis Heath (2016)

The human capacity for misery
Is indescribably bleak
We are lonely
We are sad
We are hateful until we reek

We destroy each other with ideas
Brought to life through distorted glasses
Somehow justifying the wars
Vested big and small amongst the masses

How do I survive
In this vast sea of pain
The more conscious I become
The more it seems to rain

Soaked to the skin
And soaked to the spine
Can I ever escape
This sickly grime

The sea of 10,000 atrocities
The sea of 10,000 sparks of kindness
But sometimes I cannot see
Sometimes there is total blindness

Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes
There is seemingly no escape
Sometimes the clutches of misery
Gnaw and penetrate deep like a rape

Then I see my pains are all images
Thoughts, historical ideas
Brought to one focal point
of individual me-ness

There is the ocean of sadness
Of which I am an individual drop
But also somehow I am this ocean
And I want to know, how do I stop

Feeling the pain of every living thing
I accept, I accept, with deep penetration
The body’s capacity
To hold all consternation

Just the body
In this deep moment of being
Becomes the ocean
Of all suffering

And somehow without
Too much chatter from the mind
This deep body knowing
Of moment to moment I find

And walk once again
More deeply caressing the Earth
With, dare I say
an element of mirth.


Bursting with Light     by Louis Heath 2016 (composed after a yoga class with Kanta Barrios and dedicated to Kanta)

 Bursting with light
          The true essence of being burns through
                    The splendour of life revealed
                               In the open and molten heart



By Louis Heath (2015)

I am not in control

Now and again
When the mask and armour of my perceived control
Becomes translucent, shimmering, flickering
The Earth and clay of flesh and bones
Becomes the revealer of knowing

Not “knowing” as such
But “unknowing”, the not knowing
The groundless uncertainty
Of the shimmering, flickering

And easy to say
Don’t be afraid
Don’t panic
Easy to be aloof and pretend
That because there is a glimmer of freedom
That I can somehow tell you about freedom

I am not in control
That is all I can say
And I wouldn’t have it
Any other way


Fumbling Around in the Dark

by Louis Heath 2016

Fumbling around in the dark
I make judgements, I criticise, I look at others’ actions with incredulity
Fumbling around in the dark
I am used to this twilight of shadow and half-life living
I think I am awake
Or do I?

Do I realise I am living in half-shadows
And when a gentle breeze feels its way around my being
Like flower petals of love caressing my skin, my heart, my soul
The gentle nature of my being warmed by an opening heart
Do I know I am opening
Do I know I am awakening always

Even in the depths of the dark shadows there is hope
Always moving in the backdrop of silence
The shadowlands of conditioned thoughts, of unconscious actions
Cloaked and screened, the silent love emerging in all that we are
The cauldron of hatred and desire being slowly cooked in silent loving



Compassion’s Song

 Compassion’s song sooths the voice that resists the present - being
The Blackbird’s sound ripples through still country air
All is well in the chaos of unfolding
The dawn of time in each beating moment of rhythm


by Louis Heath 2016
Stripped naked
Brown earth

Stripped of me(ness)
Warmed by fire of sun
Stretched out across
The heart of silence


The heart murmurs
in gentle streams
Wetting the roots
Of flower and tree

Within this womb of Earth, there stirs
A paradox of me
Earth and me
Me and Earth

Stripped naked
Brown earth


Awakening Always
by Louis Heath 2017
Do I know I am awakening always
Even in the dark shadowlands of lonely despair
The body, the body, the body
Touching, seeing, smelling, tasting,
Feeling into the allowing
of life emerging in silent joy

A sunset, a smiling face, raindrops on my skin
Re-connecting sometimes to reach into my being
Can I appreciate this moment now, breathing
Remembering, remembering, remembering
We are not alone in our sense of dark aloneness
No need to feel isolated or separated in pain
We are all together awakening, always together, my love


Death is My Friend - Coffin of Light
by Louis Heath 15/3/2017 - Dedicated to my friend Elmar Jung, a master craftsman in wood, and currently making me a "coffin of light" from some apple wood felled at Callow Hill, Co Wicklow

The dying embers of a time

Left decaying in shadowed hollows of mind

The coffin lid of time

Sealing the end, of the end, of the end

Vibrant and joyful

Relinquishing precious possession

Possession of love, of hate, of desire, of beauty

Possession of everything possessed - gone

Body and soul bathing

Within the coffin, radiant with inner light


What is it you want

Out of this death and clear clear light?

The goodness and love in every single person

Radiating out of the question

And the coffin lid rises for another time

Dandelion  (Louis Heath April 2017)

Dandelion yellow

        Seeping yellow

                 Between us yellow

                         Breath yellow

                                 Bones yellow

                                         Heart yellow

                                                  Smiling yellow

                                                           Dandelion joy