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Sukhi Barber

Artwork by Sukhi Barber

Artwork by Sukhi Barber

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Sukhi Barber

What is MBSR ?    
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is the name given to the eight week program which was developed from the ancient art of mindfulness meditation. It has been scientifically and clinically tested over the past thirty years by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn and others at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Research and development continues for this and other mindfulness related programs in an increasing number of universities around the world, including Bangor and Oxford.

It brings together the art of mindfulness with the honest scrutiny of science, discarding what does not work and honing and refining a mindfulness practice that is highly effective and practical.

Who is the Course Suitable for ? 
The course is suitable for those who are willing to face their difficulties with kindness and compassion for themselves. It is suitable for everyone, but sometimes the timing may not be right for a person, a discussion is required to jointly assess and bring mutual understanding to this. It is not therapy and it is not a relaxation course, although relaxation is often a by product.
Saying all this, it is suitable for most people at any particular time.

Artwork by Sukhi Barber

What is Mindfulness ? 
“Mindfulness  means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn 
When we practice mindfulness we can touch life more deeply, we have much less tendency to get caught up in thinking about the past and thinking about what might happen in the future. Mindfulness allows us to live in a way that makes us less likely to be slaves to our previously conditioned responses, thus enriching our lives through being able to experience more of the beauty of life whilst also approaching difficulties in a way that is manageable.
We have all experienced moments of great clarity in our lives, sometimes just by looking at a sunrise or a flower ~ these are moments of mindfulness. 
Through the cultivation of mindfulness these beautiful moments become more accessible on a regular basis and can profoundly enrich our lives with a greater sense of well being and happiness 
Mindfulness can be practiced both formally and informally. Informally in our everyday lives, in washing the dishes or driving the car etc., and formally within meditation, yoga and other disciplines. 

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What are the Benefits of the Course ?  
The experience of a greater sense of well being for most people has been proven though clinical research over the past thirty years, it has indicated great improvements in the lives of people suffering from stress and pain of various kinds. It has been demonstrated to have consistent and long lasting improvements for the majority of people, with results such as:
- more energy and enthusiasm for life.
- strengthening of the immune system
- enhanced self-compassion
- an increased ability to handle stressful situations
- less tendency towards low mood and fatigue
- an increased ability to live a happier life
- a greater capacity for living in the present moment

What commitment is required ? 
The intention to attend the eight sessions and the day of mindful living, each person is asked to have a firm intention to commit to practicing the mindfulness meditations or movement sequence for 45 minutes per day for 6 days per week, with the use of the CDs supplied.
Other exercises and readings will be explored, as outlined in the Course Handbook supplied

What is the Approach ?  
The approach is one of gently accepting what is in the present moment right now and of simply accepting things as they are with a sense of kindness and compassion for oneself. It involves approaching difficulty in this way and whilst it is a gentle approach it does not shy away from reality.

Why would a person do such a course? 
The reasons are as many and in varying degrees. Many people simply wish to live more effective lives in terms of stress reduction and to live a life that is wiser and more fulfilling.
Some symptoms which have been helped by this approach are;

- Stress — job, family or financial
- Fatigue
-  Low mood
- Anxiety and panic
- High blood pressure
- GI distress
- Chronic pain and illness
- Headaches

What does the course consist of ? 
The course schedule consists of eight weekly classes and one daylong class on a Saturday or Sunday. Afternoon or evening courses are available. This highly participatory, practical course includes:

Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices

Gentle stretching and mindful Yoga

Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life

Group dialogue

Daily home assignments

Three guided meditations and a workbook. The course is challenging and life-affirming. The instructor is accomplished and skilled at creating a safe, warm, supportive, and deeply engaging learning environment.