with Louis Heath

Feeling stressed, anxious, a bit low or simply want to improve your quality of life.

This is a professional course run by a highly qualified and experienced teacher

Starts Thurs 21st Feb 2019 

7pm to 9.30pm


8 Week Mindfulness Course (MBSR) 

This is the renowned MBSR mindfulness course developed by Jon Kabut-Zinn. CPD credits available and a letter of attendance for those using the course as entry into a higher level course.

For those wishing to do shorter meditations (but forfeiting the MBSR credits) we recommend the practices in

 Mindfulness - Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

Cost -  €280 

See here for more information

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with Louis Heath & Norah Twomey


​3 Day  ~ Starts 9th August 2019

​In the beautiful Wicklow area 

Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Shinrin Yoku, Drumming etc.

More information to follow


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Mindfulness has become mainstream, it is rare to meet a person now who has not heard of it. This is quite extraordinary given that it is meditation, previously relegated to a minority, and is now prescribed by Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists etc. as an effective means to work with mental health in general, whether it be for general well-being and stress reduction or for specific issues like low mood, depression, anxiety etc.. 

Mindfulness has also moved into virtually every area such as sports psychology, corporate well-being and stress management and also as a way of potentially deepening one's spiritual practice if you have one. It is a core practice that can enhance, deepen and make more enjoyable anything that we do in a very practical and real way.

Mindfulness as taught with Mindful Living is secular, which means it is not a religion or belief system. This has been a very important part of the success of mindfulness which has allowed it be accepted by the scientific community and as a result scientific research into the benefits of mindfulness has increased exponentially over the past few years. It is still going from strength to strength and this is proof itself of its effectiveness.

Mindful Self-Compassion is based on mindfulness, in fact, many people would say that self-compassion is an inherent component of mindfulness. Kindness and compassion are indeed part of mindfulness practice but research shows that our self-critic, the way we beat ourselves up internally is very strong, not only in the West but in Asian and other cultures too. The program of Mindful Self-Compassion specifically targets the self-critic, teases out the way it has a hold of us and shows how to identify and work with it in a softening and transformative way that naturally elicits self love; and as a consequence a greater felt love for others. This has huge consequences both in our relationship with ourselves and with others. In effect we become capable of giving ourselves what we all want from others - love. This radical shift within can create a corresponding shift in the way others experience us.

Forest & Nature Therapy is based on the premise, that most people actually know, that being in nature and walking among trees is good for us. The sad fact is however that most of us are quite disconnected from nature even though we are part of it. We are so caught up in our thinking processes and often surrounded by concrete, roads, cars, computers, TVs etc. that our connection with nature can often be quite diminished. 

Walking through trees and nature with the guidance of a Forest Therapy Guide can hugely enhance the appreciation of our natural environment, we slow down and mindfully experience our surroundings in ways that normally are not known to us. This has been shown to have beneficial effects on both our physical and psychological health and well-being.

The Forest & Nature Therapy retreats offered here are a combination of Forest Therapy walks, mindfulness practices, yoga, self-compassion practices and foraging in the wild. The retreats are designed to really deepen our experience and connection with ourselves and nature in a way that is light and playful.

Karuna Mindfulness


​Dedicated to providing quality courses and retreats at affordable prices

Hello, you're very welcome

What's your particular story?

Stressed at work or at home looking after kids, feeling anxious, unable to concentrate.

Or maybe your mood is low and life just seems bland and lifeless

Maybe you're retired and wondering what to do with your life

of maybe you're a high speed executive living a pace you know you can't sustain

​Alternatively you might be in great form and simply have a yearning to learn more.

Whatever it is there is a good chance that learning a mindfulness practice from a properly trained professional can facilitate you to help yourself.

​Give me a call on 086 8256823 (Louis) or email louis@mindfulliving.ie about any of our services.


"Through his kind and memorable teaching, Louis has given me a (Mindfulness) map, compass and skills to move forward with hope and happiness in my life.  I have learned how to befriend and carry myself through the tough times and how to create more and more good times.  Now I feel I can enjoy everyday to its fullest.  I cannot thank Louis enough."  Valerie Long, Leopardstown 2017

Louis is an inspirational teacher. He is the consummate professional, highly skilled, insightful and compassionate. He has instilled in me a renewed curiosity and interest in the beauty of meditation. Many, many thanks.

  Ph 086 8256823

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